Hello! I’m a Creative;a Brand Manager;a Designer;a Developer; a cool guy!

About Me

Hi, I’m a Marketing Expert & Designer at my own advisor space called “Branding Lab”. I was born in Armenia, Colombia – the city known as the ‘Coffee Paradise’ (el paraiso cafetero). I have been working as a Freelance Expert since 2007, but you could say that I’ve been doing my job as an artist since I was born. I started designing Corporate Brands and Packaging Designs in 2008, but once I finished my studies I felt the need to start looking for new challenges. Once I graduated, I was quick to make the move to Buenos Aires in Argentina, to take on the basics: Animation and 3D-Design, whilst also becoming an expert in Brand Management. In time, I began to familiarize myself with HTML5, PHP and CSS3 in order to design websites, with the trusty help of CMS platforms. Since then I’ve been working as a Brand Expert for several SME’s around the world, ultimately helping them to create a proper Corporate Identity and implement Innovative Communication Strategies. Now I live in Paris and I’m working as a Business Developer.

What I have learned and where

8 years of education

School of Management and Marketing E.A.M.

Bachelor’s degree, Advertisement and Marketing

Armenia, Colombia

From 2006 to 2010


Universidad de Palermo

Master’s degree, Advertisement Design

Buenos Aires, Argentina

From 2011 to 2013


Partners & Clients;Friends







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